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Don't be threatened with permanent disability due to the ravages of mental illness, alcoholism and/or chemical dependency. Experience the love of HUGS, we specialize in family reunification through the treatment and prevention of mental illness and addictive disorders. Here at HUGS we really care for our clients, we are LGBT community friendly and we can help you and/or your loved ones recover as well. We are a complete Atlanta mental health, drug and alcohol rehab facility and has been a stable leader in Georgia for rehab and family reunification services since 1999.

We are rooted in the principles of recovery and we have extensive experience in the field of Behavioral Health Care. Because we care so much for our clients and their families we design indivdualized whole health wellness plans that are both client centered and cost-effective. Whole health wellness plans for both you and/or your loved ones to achieve long lasting success with family reunification and ongoing recovery.

Become Healthy...Be Happy... Seek HUGS.

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Become A Partner
Partner with us to help provide FREEDOM from depression, eating disorders & active addiction today...


When mental illness such as depression go untreated, the person who's ill will often use alcohol and/or other drugs to try an get over the depression and vice versa. If left untreated this can lead to coexisting disorders, family separation, unempolyment and homelessness.

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Financial Help
We offer help to those who can not always afford our services...


HUGS has partnered with Serenity Loans to help provide financing to those seeking treatment.

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HUGS EAP Service Divison. Get more information to help you choose the right path. Our Certified Employee Assistance Programs can help.


Employers don't forget to ask about our Drug- Free Workplace Programs, Safe Ride Home ATL & our Certified EAP Services.

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